KTM is undoubtedly the new hope for performance lovers of India. The motorcycle produces a mind blowing The most insanely wrapped KTM RC till date, the Matte Metallic Grey and Gloss Metallic Black shades on this motorcycle has been so neatly finished that even those who disliked the Orange machine would start loving it.

This particular RC can easily beat a liter class sportbike with its mean machine looks. The RC here loses all of the White inserts from its body, leaving the color assigned to just the RC branding. The insertion of Grey and Black at the front has been systematically done as the Black surrounds the Grey mirror holding panels in the most possible neat way. The fuel tank finished in Matt Grey with a skull carrying Orange eyes facing the rider.

KTM RC 390 Motorcycle Wrap

WrapCraft has brilliantly worked on the flagship Indian KTM race machine and wrapped it in Charcoal Grey and Charcoal Anthracite, taking its mean looks to another level.

The Orange parts remain untouched except the addition of highly reflective pinstripe on both the wheels. The fuel tank, side fairing and the front mudguard has been finished in these exclusive shades while the tail light and rear indicators are smoked to match the dark attitude of the motorcycle.

The front windshield which even extend to the sides is transparent in stock condition while WrapCraft has finished the same in Matt Black, keeping it slightly translucent for a better finish. Everything else remains the same, the best part of which is that no performance alteration has been done, keeping the warranty valid for those who have recently bought the RC Radical Rat Rodz R. Without altering the performance of this RC, it makes it stand apart from the crowded roads with much ease.

The side fairing, fuel tank and even the panel around the exhaust in finished in Graphite Chrome whereas the alloy wheels, exposed frame and single side of the front fairing is finished in Red.

Rest of the parts like half of the front fairing and even the panels around the taillight are dipped in Smoky Chrome. Maxabout Team Sep 23, 13, 1.

Address: You might also like More from author Yamaha. Prev Next.All graphics are digitally printed with UV resistant inks that are guaranteed not to fade up to 5 years.

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Tags:akraphovicdecalsgraphicsktmktmpowerpartsktmrcktmrcktmrcpowerpartsrcrcrcstickerswraps. Your Review. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tags:akraphovicdecalsgraphicsktmktmpowerpartsktmrcktmrcktmrcpowerpartsrcrcrcrcstickerswraps. Add to cart. Add to Wishlist. Triple layer laminated 3M industrial adhesive.

Thickest Graphics on the Planet! UV Coated. No fade 5 year guarantee. Install instructions included. Install in room temperature. Do not rush the install. Thoroughly clean all surfaces with soap and water and remove all old adhesive, dirt, lint, oils etc. Rinse well with plain water and dry with lint-free cloth.

ktm rc wrap

Use rubbing alcohol or Goo Gone for any residue of old adhesive. Heating up old adhesive also helps in removal.

If you use Goo Gone make sure you clean your plastics again with soap and water. Before removing decal backing, hold decals up to to your vehicle to get a general idea of how the graphics should look and where all the pieces go. Wrap a soft, lint free cloth around your squeegee. Spray the plastic you are going to work on first with water. Coat the entire outside surface.

MotoProWorks | Decals and Bike Graphic kit

Slowly peel the backing from the decal piece, and as you peel, spray light mist of water to the adhesive side of the decal. Lightly set the decal onto the plastic making sure everything lines up properly. Start at one end of the decal and squeegee the water out of the other end. Use heat just enough to soften the vinyl for intricate curves. When using a heat gun or blow dryer be careful not to burn the kit. Repeat the above with all other pieces.

Use the heat gun or blow dryer and lightly heat the whole install to help the vinyl set in form. Weight 1 kg. August 9, September 17, February 25, Related Products Sale! Quick View. SKU: Email address:. Log in. Back to products KTM. All products. Uncategorized 0 products.

Accessories 1 product. Aprilia 10 products. RSV4 1 product. Bajaj 29 products. Dominar 3 products. Pulsar 1 product. Pulsar RS 11 products. BMW 3 products. SR 1 product. SRR 2 products. Car 13 products. Full Body Car Wrap 6 products. Roof And Bonnet 8 products. Hypermotard 1 product. Multistrada 2 products. Panigale 3 products. Panigale 2 products. Panigale-V4 2 products. Honda 7 products.

CBRRR 2 products. Dio 0 products. Grazia 0 products. Hornet 2 products. Navi 2 products. Xblade 0 products. Kawasaki 18 products. Ninja 3 products. Ninja 9 products.KTM bikes set the standard for MX performance allowing you to elevate your game to an insane degree. Stunning, Ktm Mx graphics from will breathe a new life into older bikes as well giving them that new bike feel and allowing you to turn heads with only a minimal investment.

MX racing is the type of sport that gives no quarter. Conditions are difficult at best and atrocious at worst. Semi-custom graphics for KTM dirtbikes are the cost-effective way to ensure that — no matter how intense the roost — your fans, your support crew, photographers and other media are all able to identify you from start to finish. The custom touches you add to your graphics when you order them through our secure online app will allow you to create an outstanding visual identity.

Creating notable physical identity will be up to you. We engineer our custom motocross graphic line to sparkle and shine and to last until the checkered flag caresses your helmet. Not our semi-custom KTM decals. The pursuit of perfection is part of our company DNA and because of that we:. Providing that outstanding product however takes effort and commitment from everyone on the OMX team. That includes the ridiculously clever people who maintain and upgrade our secure online ordering system, the design pros who turn line and color into mobile artwork and the folks who take your order and make it real using our cutting edge printing technology.

If you like to be ignored or if you like to make it hard for your supporters to cheer you on you can slap any old MX decal on your KTM dirt bike and disappear into the crowd. Here are a few reasons why you should not settle for less:. There are no MX rules that state your bike must be an unmistakable expression of yourself. But why would you want it to be anything less than that?

Semi-custom graphics from OMX will help you plant your flag in the dirt bike landscape and announce to anyone with eyes that you have arrived. Your MX bike is your pride and joy. Free FedEx Delivery. Load more products. Hire only the best graphic designers. Those who are able to elevate the medium to new heights with every new graphic.

Obsessively evaluate the quality of our products and the efficacy of our online ordering process so that you, the customer, is never left dealing with 2nd. Offer semi-custom dirt bike graphics that appeal to both novices and mud-caked vets alike.

Everyone who decides to outfit their ride with a state-of-the-art graphics kit from OMX is going to rock the course, the trail or the dirt road at the quarry. Think about it. When you work with OMX graphics you have the chance to create a simple, recognizable visual trademark for yourself that will come shining through the heaviest routes and be really distinguishable from mainstream designs. They look amazing — Of all the great reasons to invest in beautiful, durable semi-custom KTM mx graphics from OMX maybe the best is that they just look outstanding.

As soon as your bike rolls out of the back of the pickup everyone within eye-shot is going to notice. Some companies cut back on the quality of materials in order to bring costs down. We keep the quality materials and cut back on waste in the process itself. And you should never try installing a new OMX dirtbike decal without first engaging in some focused surface prep.

Then check for problem areas. Clean them using a mild degreaser like dishwashing liquid. Then rinse and dry. Any areas where old KTM factory graphics may be peeling or where they left behind adhesive residue should be sanded lightly with grit wet sandpaper.Deflect debris as small as. Outerwears Pre-filters are designed to enhance the efficiency of any performance or exposed air filter. The Pre-filter is constructed with a proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings, treated with an optional hydrophobic water-repellent process.

The mesh is UV resistant, filters debris down to. A "Shelter in Place" Order has been issued for the state of Michigan. Due to that order, Outerwears will halt all production that is not considered essential. We will be switching to producing only our essential products.

If we do have a product in stock, we can ship it to you. You can call to see if we have your item in stock; at that time, you could place a phone order. Please allow additional business days for manufacturing. Selecting Priority or Express Mail does expedite the manufacturing process. Photos Videos. By Size By Part How to measure your filter. Merchant Services. Cover It With Outerwears Deflect debris as small as. Outerwears Pre-Filters keep out particles of dirt, sand, and street debris.

Standard Duty Pre-filters We have you covered. View Automotive Air Filter Covers. Light Duty Pre-filters The Pre-filter is constructed with a proprietary polyester mesh with uniform micron openings, treated with an optional hydrophobic water-repellent process. View Power Sport Pre-Filters. Outerwears Pre-filters are designed to keep out particles of dirt, sand, and street debris as small as. Our Pre-filters are run dry meaning no oils or additives are required so there is no dirt sticking to the oil creating premature loss of airflow and horsepower.

Outerwears water repellent Pre-filters add another level of protection. The woven mesh is specially treated at the mill using a proprietary process to repel water.

This hydrophobic water repellent process is not sprayed on; consequently there is no airflow loss. Our Pre-filters are used and recommended by top professional engine builders and race teams worldwide. We Support. Follow Us. Cart Go to Checkout.As it carries a cc engine, buyers are never worried about having high fuel bills and uncontrollable urge to race on every possible surface.

Getting it wrapped is the most easiest, cost friendly and reversible option for sure.

ktm rc wrap

When dominance of Orange in your life starts feeling more common than expected, you can get you bike wrapped with White as base shade.

On that white shade, you will get a full sized Red Indian printed with angry expressions and that colorful feather loaded traditional wear on his head. Front of the bike is wrapped in Black and given two white stripes at both ends. Wheels and frame were left in stock condition while twin projector headlights are given white rings for higher fascia definition.

Customizing the side fairing had left no space for monikers on the upper section while huge KTM logo is planted on the belly pan for positive branding of KTM.

Fork Wraps

KTM RC is powered by a The engine comes mated to a 6-speed gearbox. Unlike all other motorcycles of this segment, RC is lightweight and more track oriented for sure. It weighs just kg and thus, gets impressive power to weight ratio for its class.

The only bike that wins in terms of power to weight ratio is Duke Both use the same engine and shares a lot of components with each other. Maxabout Team Mar 14, 3, 0. You might also like More from author Yamaha. Prev Next.How to install your decals, graphics and race numbers? Check out our Application Process and videos to get the most out of your decals.

We will describe how to get the most out of your new decals and prolong their life. Below you will see 3 steps. Step 1 Remove Old Wrap. Step 2.

ktm rc wrap

Step 3. Applying Your New Wrap. STEP 1. We highly recommend giving your vehicle a good clean. We suggest that you strip your bike of your old decals that you no longer need only do this for the decals you have just ordered — not the ones you want to remain on the vehicle. The effort required when removing decals can differ depending on the quality of your old decals. Now your old decals are removed. Now that you have your decals removed you want to prepare the surface to ensure there is no film of dirt, grease, or any other barrier that may inhibit the decal from getting the proper adhesion to the vehicle surface.

Then wipe off to fully remove. The clearer the surface the better your new decals will stick. If you have adhesive left on the surface of your machine you will need to either:.

Now your machine is fully prepared for your new designed graphics kit. STEP 2. When your designed decals arrive they will be in flat packed. We test all our decal materials and only handle them in accordance with testing. Flat Package. STEP 3. If you gently ease the decal out from the centre with your fingers it can give the decal the heat it needs to stretch the necessary amount to perfectly conform.

Only do this when you are sure you have the decal correctly aligned with the plastics. You can peel back the decal to remove any air bubbles that might appear during the installation. When you are completely happy with the decal installation you can apply gentle heat not too much over the decal with a hair dryer avoid heat gun as it provides too much heat to help the decals take the shape of the plastics.

Your decals should now be perfectly applied. However, both media features the following. We ship worldwide. Motorsports are practiced far and wide across the globe on the fastest tracks, highest mountains, wild-breaking waves and deserted deserts.